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Academic Writing Genres: Thesis and Dissertation

As a student, at some point in your University life, you will write our research work that involves writing a dissertation or theses. Here are some of the genres:


Before you begin writing the central part of your paper, you should first have a title page. The title page should enclose information that can enable your advisor or lecturer to know and understand the type of work you present. It should have your dissertations title, registration number, and name, the degree in which you enrolled, then the Department’s name, the university’s name you submitted, and your supervisor’s name. You can always check with your Department to get all the necessary information that you need.

A dissertation also has an abstract and a page for the table of contents. Abstract holds the background information, tells the reader about the study’s purpose, and even states the most crucial results with a conclusion.

Main text

The body has several chapters. Every chapter in the body builds a subdivision of the aim of the study.

The introduction provides supportive background knowledge on their reasons for conducting the research, and it also houses the statement. Clearly state the problem that needs to get solved, and you can illuminate this in the form of a hypothesis already saturation.

The introduction

The introduction tells the reader why you have taken the topic. It also mirrors their research with the previous work from other authors down in the same field and how your study stands out. It brightens your aims of this study.

The literature review

As you already know, your research cannot depend entirely on the data that you have. In that case, you must have a background of what people already know about the topic you have chosen. You first need to find the information relevant to your issue then you’ll have to provide an account of the studies already published. Remember that the reader will be eager to know your reasons for including a piece of research In Your paper. The literature review is a significant section of your essay and maybe around 30% of the total.


At this point, you have already reviewed all the methods utilized in your field. Therefore you need to justify the ways and describe them by saying the match she took from the past studies and stating whatever you have changed or added. You’ll also have to give an account of the study step by step as you carried it out. It would help if you even told your audience how you selected your informants and subjects, how you conducted your interviews, the language you used together with the materials and procedures.

Results and findings

Here you will say what you did and also mention whatever information you found out. You will also need to record your products, and you can do them in line with diagrams, tables, graphs, and charts.


Here you will interpret the results. You start by repeating the research’s main aim and then provide the explanations on your findings and tell us how strong or firm your conclusions are.


The conclusion will be a summary of what you have found. It should recall all of the issues you stated in the introduction and tailor them with the points you made in the results section. That will help a lot.

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