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Writing & Defending a Thesis in Computer Science

It has two segments, the thesis, and the defense, with many students confuse the two. A thesis is a proposition presented for argument by a scholar to attain honors. It has to point out something. A defense, on the other hand, presents facts for the thesis. Pertinent facts depend on the kind of thesis presented for defense. Computer science has different types of theses. It is possible to lump them into the following types.

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Academic Writing Genres: Thesis and Dissertation

As a student, at some point in your University life, you will write our research work that involves writing a dissertation or theses. Here are some of the genres:


Before you begin writing the central part of your paper, you should first have a title page. The title page should enclose information that can enable your advisor or lecturer to know and understand the type of work you present. It should have your dissertations title, registration number, and name, the degree in which you enrolled, then the Department’s name, the university’s name you submitted, and your supervisor’s name. You can always check with your Department to get all the necessary information that you need.

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